Sharing the joy of giving

Hello, I’m Masami Sato, founder of global giving initiative B1G1.

This is my story.

In today’s meaning-driven world, consumers and businesses alike are in search of purpose and meaning beyond their self-interest. 84% of consumers seek responsible products and services, while 78% of people in the workforce seek a career that does good and gives fulfilment.

About Masami Sato

Masami was born in Japan. Her desire to expand her horizons at an early age took her on a journey of exploration travelling throughout the world. She travelled to over 30 countries and lived and worked in Canada, New Zealand and Australia before moving to Singapore in 2007 to found the global giving initiative B1G1. It was during her travels that she realized, maybe, giving was the key to happiness.

While being a mother of 2 young children, she has also been an active entrepreneur. Since 2001, she has founded and led several enterprises and initiatives, including B1G1.

Recognised as one of the ‘Top 30 Female Entrepreneurs to Look Out For’, Masami is also a two-time TEDx speaker, and an author of three books: ‘GIVING BUSINESS’, ‘JOY’, and ‘ONE’. Learn more about her books here.

About B1G1 (Buy1GIVE1)

B1G1 is a global business giving initiative that makes it easy for business owners (especially SMEs) to give back and support different great causes from around the world through an online giving platform.

Originally founded in Australia in 2007, B1G1 is now headquartered in Singapore to give businesses the power to change lives.

B1G1’s now lists over 400 giving projects from 30+ countries and works with more than 2,000 businesses from around the world. With B1G1, businesses can give back through every thing they do in business and create a world full of giving together.

Imagine if every time you bought or sold something, it made a difference.