UNCONDITIONAL: The Most Powerful Happiness (and Success) Strategy?

Recently during our quick morning catch-up, I asked everyone in the team to take a little slip of paper and write down the best personal qualities they wanted to demonstrate.

Once everyone completed this, I asked a question, “Can we try demonstrating those qualities no matter what happens and what others say or do?”

I wanted to discuss ‘conditionality’. We usually know how we want to (and should) behave to be our best. But often we allow external conditions to influence how we act. That is to say we RE-act.

It works like this:

If someone annoys you, you speak harshly. If someone shows you trust and generosity, you reciprocate the trust and generosity. We can be nice or mean, generous or stingy, happy or unhappy….based on what happens around us. It’s conditional.

You may wish everything was great and everyone was nice….so that you can be great and nice all the time. An amazing world that would be.

Interestingly though, among the happiest people in the world are usually quite unconditional.

Many of these people were born into difficult circumstances. They had many hardships, difficult relationships and limiting conditions. While some people succeed by fighting and confronting, some achieve greatness by being content, grateful and gracious regardless of the odds they face.

These people show us that we can actually be unconditionally caring, joyful, grateful and dedicated (or whatever qualities you wish to demonstrate) no matter what.

Of course, no one can do this 100% of time. Being emotionally affected by external situations makes us real humans. We all feel pain, sadness, regret, frustrations at some points.

But what if we made the effort to be as unconditional as we can be?

When someone speaks to you harshly, you speak respectfully and with care. When a disaster strikes, you act logically, calmly and with care for others. When you are unfairly challenged by a competition or deceived by others, you stay transparent, honest and integral.

“We could never learn to be brave and patient, if there were only joy in the world.” – Helen Keller

If more of us unconditionally demonstrated the greatest personal qualities we admire, the world will follow to embrace more of these qualities.

Unconditional greatness has a real power.

And this is also a way to create a great culture in your business full of honourable personal qualities.

You can have a business with leaders who act unconditionally with a belief to be the best they can be. Or you can have a business with people who react emotionally to every negative situation.

It might be interesting to be unconditional for a day and see what happens. And then, rinse and repeat!


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