Your Giving Muscles & High-Impact Leadership

Posted by Masami   on August 2, 2017
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How strong are your muscles? Your ability to lift weights or perform well at different sports is not just about the skills, knowledge and mentality you establish through learning and practice. Great performance depends on the strength, elasticity and durability of your muscles as well. And that’s one of the reasons why you and I can’t become a master of anything overnight. If you lift a weight that’s too heavy or try to run aRead More
Recently during our quick morning catch-up, I asked everyone in the team to take a little slip of paper and write down the best personal qualities they wanted to demonstrate. Once everyone completed this, I asked a question, “Can we try demonstrating those qualities no matter what happens and what others say or do?” I wanted to discuss ‘conditionality’. We usually know how we want to (and should) behave to be our best. But oftenRead More

The Secret of Family Business — Part 2

Posted by Masami   on March 8, 2017
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In the previous post, we explored the surprising and remarkable facts about some of the longest living businesses in the world. The insights we gain from Japan’s family businesses suggest that we have a better chance to create a business that lasts by establishing a business environment/structure that resembles a family model. In this way, we harness the benefits of both models; the longevity of the family business model and the freedom of the non-familyRead More

The Secret of Family Business — Part 1

Posted by Masami   on March 1, 2017
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Challenges of being a ‘boss’ In the profit-driven business world, it’s easy to perceive your team, your suppliers and your marketplace as tools for your business to make more money. However, this perception leads you to a very lonely playing field. In fact, many business owners have mentioned to us that they find it hard now to get a great level of commitment and dedication from their teams. People in business are more likely toRead More

How to Align Your Culture via Team Talk

Posted by Masami   on February 10, 2017
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Each year, up to 20% of salaried workers may leave their jobs. While some of these people leave their secure jobs to start their own businesses or for new exciting opportunities, many leave their jobs simply because they are not happy. And staggeringly, latest figures reveal that globally employee ‘engagement’ is at an all time low. For example, recent figures for Australia show only 25% of employees as ‘highly engaged’ with 54% disengaged and 21%Read More

Why Thinking of Dying Can Potentially Make You Happier

Posted by Masami   on December 20, 2016
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Bhutan is known as one of the happiest countries in the world. It’s also known as a country that measures the happiness level of its citizens (Gross National Happiness) as the primary parameter of its development instead of measuring its GDP (Gross Domestic Product) which most other countries measure. With this unique focus, Bhutan has attracted many tourists and journalists who seek to find the secret of this happiness country. So, what is the secretRead More
So many companies today talk about creating a great company culture. They may invest a lot of money or time on hosting company events, drafting up company handbooks or call centre training. But it’s remarkably easy to overlook this simple point: The greatness of the culture is determined by how everyone in the company feels and expresses gratitude. Every Act Expresses the Level of Gratitude Imagine having a meal at a restaurant. From your perspective asRead More

Why small is more powerful than big

Posted by Masami   on October 27, 2016
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Small things we do are often far more powerful than big things. Let’s look at why. 1. Small is easy When we want to achieve something, we are inclined to set a big goal because it feels more aspirational. But in reality, human-beings are not so good at changing existing patterns to achieve big goals, especially when those big goals take much more time and effort to accomplish. Here you’ll see how only 8% ofRead More

High-Impact Decision Makers: Which Type Are You?

Posted by Masami   on October 2, 2016
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As business leaders, we make many decisions all the time. I wondered how many decisions the average person actually makes in a day. The research on that number covers a vast range; the experts I checked on tell us it’s between 75 to 35,000 decisions each day depending on what we regard as decision-making activities. It means that even with the lowest rate of 75 decisions per day, we are going to end up makingRead More
Marketers know it. They often use funnel visualisations to see how they are achieving their goals. Generally, having highly effective funnels makes your campaigns achieve more, saving you from potential confusions. This way, vast amount of data points can be organised into structured layers of human interactions and engagement. And by having the effective processes, greater results can be created more consistently. While funnel visualisations have been mostly used in audience conversion practices in business,Read More

Why Doing Good is Good for Business

Posted by Masami   on September 22, 2016
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He’s done it all. He’s uber-successful, he’s well-liked, he has great influence, he disrupts, he leads, he takes adventures no one else has taken…. That’s Sir Richard Branson, an entrepreneur and change-maker if ever there was one. He is regarded as one of the most successful business people in the world, not just because of how much money he made but for the legacy he creates in so many daring ways. The most interesting thing,Read More
…it’s often regarded as one of the most challenging things to do at work. But we all know that it is important to keep learning and improving. And we do need external input to get better because we cannot observe ourselves from the outside. The thing is, feedback-giving is often done reactively with judgment (and that’s why it becomes upsetting). And when it involves judgment on one side, it can easily induce negative reactions fromRead More
Learning From Rio Olympic Games Rio 2016 Olympics commenced with an amazing opening ceremony this weekend. Medals are already being awarded to those who conquered the mastery to be at the very top of the world in their own fields. Though I’m not a TV-watcher, I enjoy watching these games especially with my children because it seems to me it’s a reminder of the greatness of humanity and the spirit of excellence and dedication thatRead More
Three Common Ways We Limit Our Own Improvement If we ask anyone, they’d likely agree that they want to improve their lives. Not many would say they are totally satisfied with where they are at and that they want to stay at the same level forever. Here’s the strange thing though: we might actually be behaving in ways that prevent or slow down our own improvements against our own will. Here’s why. Because we don’tRead More

It’s a tipping point of happiness

Posted by Masami   on January 8, 2016
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When I heard the news that Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook announced he would give away 99% of his Facebook shares to good causes, I was overjoyed. It was not just a nice news to me. I saw that this was a tipping point of happiness. Well, I was already feeling it was my lucky day as I walked into our office this morning here in Singapore. Somehow, along my usual route to work, everyone seemedRead More